Hello, Susaday! We are Epic Encounters, a company of disabled & non-disabled dancers from Cambodia!

We are part of Epic Arts, an inclusive arts NGO based in Kampot. We fill our days creating educational pieces and performing them in communities around Cambodia.

Our performances educate communities about different issues in Cambodia. We have created pieces about many issues that we think are important to talk about, such as child abuse, sexual health and the importance of education.

We are proud to say that we are the only fully inclusive dance company in South East Asia!

Being an inclusive dance company means we all have different abilities and when we visit rural communities we are showing people that people with disabilities do have ability! What we do as Epic Encounters is really important, we are helping to change opinions and prejudices about people with disabilities, people who are often dismissed in Cambodian society.

We are creating a blog because we want to share our love of dance with the world and raise awareness that every person counts.

Now you know about us as group let us introduce ourselves a little more.

A word that describes me is Happy, In my free time I play and visit places in Kampot and some days I see my friends. I’ve worked at Epic Arts for six years. The thing I like most about dance is meeting new people during performances and workshops.

I spend my free times visiting friends and enjoying tasty food with them. I have worked at Epic Arts for six years because l like to dance and I love to create new performances.

When I’m not at Epic Arts Centre I send time drinking coffee at the Epic CafĂ© in Kampot, and hanging out with my friends. I have worked at Epic Arts for 6 year, what I love most about my job is teaching at dance workshops. I hope in the future deaf people from around the world will come to our workshops.

Savy &Sokna
In our free time we really enjoy playing football. We’ve worked at Epic Arts for 6 years now, we like to dance The best thing about being Dancers is when we see the audience enjoying themselves and they join in the dance
A word that describes me is funny. When I’m not at Epic Arts I enjoy Relaxing & eating lots of Khmer food. I have worked here at Epic Arts in Kampot for 6 years. I love performing, I love the moment when we finish our performance and the audience say “WOW”.

I have worked at Epic Arts for 2 years now, I started as an Admin Assistant and now I am a Dancer. In my free time I like to watch football and play with the Epic Arts team in the evening. As a Dancer I enjoy improvisation and creating the most

I am a very happy person, in my spare time I love to listen to music. I have been at Epic Arts for 2 years; I started on the Inclusive Arts Course in 2013. I graduated in April and now I am part of Epic Encounters. I enjoy creating new dance pieces and working together as a team.