This term we have some new 'bloggers' from the Inclusive Arts CourseHere they are……..

 Socheat, Seang-Ly, Thou & Thaly

This week the Inclusive Arts Students made a large scale 'Fish' Mobile

Q. What did you make this week?

Seang-Ly: In this week I have make the sculpture fish with wire and newspaper. First I drew the fish shape than cut wires follow it to make fish shape and stick paper into it. Painting the colors a bit difficult but I understand how to make it so I can manage on my working.

Q. What was the process of making the fish mobile? 

Thou: The process how to make the fish:
  • use medium paper to make fish shape
  • cut the wire than make fish shape
  • use news paper or old paper stick to the glue
  • paint the color follow the fish picture
  • Above are the process shape use news paper or old paper stick

Q. What was the hardest part of making the fish mobile ?

Thaly:The hardest parts were:

  • Difficult to cut the wire
  • Difficult to bend the wire to make Fish shape
  • Difficult to stick paper on the sculpture fish, It takes long time to make it
  • When paint the color on the newspaper it made the paper wet ands we waited long time to dry.

Q. What activities did you enjoy the most?

Socheat: The activity that I like the most when to create fish was:

  • I liked to stick blank paper and newspaper to the wire and to bend the wire to make the fish shape. Painting difference colors to the sculpture fish made me very happy.