This Weeks bloggers are...Socheat, Seang-Ly, Thou & Thaly

What did you do for your dance project this week?


In this week I have learnt how to explore in three different places. We explored in garden main office and the play ground. We danced in places that we do not usually do movements. We then made a dance in the office at Epic Arts.
Here is a picture of us watching our performance after:

What did you like about dancing in different places?


I like to dance in difference places because we could choose then create or explore the activity involved to place that happens everyday. I liked doing movements that happen in office each day and making dance from these ideas.

What was difficult about dancing in different places?


The difficulty of dancing in the difference places was:
  • In office a bit small to moves
  • Difficult to create the dance activity in the office because I’ve never dance in office before
  • Dancing using office chairs was difficult, but funny!

What do you think the audience thought about the performance?


I think all audiences thought that it was a good performance. Maybe they thought a little bit difficult to see because the spaces were small. I think they throughout we were a little bit crazy for dancing in the office as it is a difference area but they were still happy to come and I think they liked it

Here is the video of our dance "Office"