Today post we will talk about a new art project we did.A lady came from England and she bring wool from Sheep in England and she taught us how to make picture from the wool piece. Our teacher ask us some question about this activity…….

Q. How did you make the wool pictures?

Sothon:  We needed to make a plastic bag sheet to start which we decided ourselves and put bits of wool on the plastic. We put wool on it all over the plastic from left to right, up to down, left to right again.

After that we added on a style that we wanted by cutting some soft materials and then by taking some net a bit bigger than the plastic bag to put on the wool. And also we needed some water to put on the net untill the wool was wet and took a soap to rub on the net (But we make sure the soap must be mixed together with the wool ). The last one we took the wool to clean it with water and shake it after we put it in one place and wait until it dry...

Q. Tell us about the wool used, what did it feel like and where did the wool come from?

Thou: It felt like the cotton here but it very soft. The wool came from England. It great for me and I have never seen it before. It made me excited.
Q. What did you like most about making the wool picture?
I like to take the wool and make different style and colour picture. When I finished making wool picture, It made me interested and happy to see what I make. I really enjoyed it.