Last week we taught workshop for first time to people who come visit Epic Arts. The school name was Hope School from Phnom Penh.

Seang Ly Teaching

In the workshop with Hope School this week we had to teach three dance activities that used our own body part connecting and practice it to make a short dance to show everybody. When we started the workshop we felt happy and confidence because before the workshop started we already had a plan.
Socheat teaching student

Sothon explaining activity

Ryan , San and Sothon demonstrating an activity
We like to practise dancing activity the most in the workshop with students and help them. We felt very happy because it was our first time to teach and we did it well. At the end of the workshop we felt very proud even as we were first  scared but then we tried best.

Hope School students sharing she we created

Chamreoun and Thaly helping students

We very happy for Hope School joined with workshop in Epic Arts. and I'm very proud about them that very great performed at the end of workshop.

Thanks for reading!!

From the Inclusive Arts Students