On Sunday we did parade with group of women with drums from Madagascar - Bloco Malagasy
Here is a video about them :

As part of parade we walked with the drummers and we also did a performance for a big audience. Here are some information from our blog team about the event………

What Sothon thought….


Explain what you did to prepare for the parade with Bloco Malagasy last Sunday


We had to create a new dance that compared to the color. So we had red, yellow, green, purple and blue, that showed about the meaning of each color changed to dancing, and the end we mixed together to make a new performance.
Other one we had nice cloth for perform that we made together with some style on the left side of shirt.
It kind of printing but made by hands used the black color to create a stamp. It’s looked beautiful.

What Somaly thought……

What was your favorite part of doing the performance?

I like Epic Encounters dance piece. They were quick, creative and their shows were very clear. I like parade as well because it was my first time to participate this event.

What did you not like about doing this performance?

I didn’t like hot day and tiny space for doing the performance because It was hard for people to watch the performance.


What Chamreoun thought…….

How did you feel just before the performance? 

Before the performance I felt happy and scared but I had confidence and determine to do good job.

How did you feel after the performance?

After the performance I felt so exciting and surprised because have a lot of audience watched and encourage my team, all of these points happen by we work and communicate well together.

Thank you to Bloco Malagasy and to everyone in Kampot who came watch us! Somaly, Sothon, Chamreoun xxxxxx