Hi ! How are you every body? 
The last week students from a school in Singapore called UWCSEA come join Epic Arts. We tell now what we do together.  
First we join with student and make paint picture on wall. We find 3-people per group and plan draw people first. We make connect people picture to show we connect to UWCSEA students. 
When finish plan we put ruler on wall for easy draw and then draw to in pencil with student and the last one is to put color on what put on the well.
Yes We really did it together!
We are so happy and take the picture together!
The second think the childs of Singapore school UWCSEA did was taught our child's from Special. Education Project class. Each student teach on art activity to the students and we did help them to do. The Singapore student looked so strong and confidence. They are helpful and kind I am very proud about them and happy they come to. Epic Arts and connect with us on Inclusive Arts Course.
Us Inclusive Arts epic arts attended work shop with Singapore student and we make movement dance to show. We think about rhythm and movements and put together with partner and team
The students bring their parent  to Epic Arts. They work very hard and helped to build child play room and quiet room for Special Education Project and they also build chicken house so our student can have chicken and learn to care.
Thank you for reading about our week and thank you UWCSEA for visit Epic Arts
Love The Inclusive Arts Students xxxxx