Hello everybody! 

Who are we?

We are the Epic Arts students of Inclusive Arts Course in Cambodia. We are from Cambodia. We live in Kampot:
a traditional house in Cambodia, Kampot Town and Kampot on the map 

Why are we doing a blog?

We are learning at Epic Arts Centre for two years. Epic Arts Cambodia - http://www.epicarts.org.uk/cambodia
We want to show about the activities our group do on this blog. We will try write it on our own. On the 'Inclusive Arts Course' we learn about Arts.We have Dance, Drama, Visual art, Music, and Literacy every week. We have 9 peoples of group….Some have disability, some do not have disability. We works together as team to be equal.

Please meet us the Inclusive Arts Students:

Who will write this blog?

Three people will write this blog - Somaly, Chamreoun and Sothon

What do I like to do in my free-time? 


I have a free-time I like chat with my friends by the riverside, sometime I like listen to music and I do exercise.


l have free time I like football and learn dance, ride bicycle and listen music


I have a fun with my teams for make somethings new like music and dancing and we also like to share  some work that we had done all together. Now as group of inclusive arts student, I am in the world!!!! (before i very was lonely on own!)

We will write again soon! Love, IAC Students xxxxxxx